Market Tours

Tuesday Tianguis Market Tour-

Morning tour 9am to 1pm – $100 USD per person, including tastings and a light snack ” antojitos”

Morning market tour with tasting and light lunch at one of Mexico City’s most emblematic market’s. Fabulous fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and a incredible array of street foods which will feed your eyes as well as your stomach.Bring your camera and an appetite as Ruth weaves a magical path and describes the traditions and uses of all the incredible ingredients you will see.


Jamaica Market Tour

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9am-2pm coffee, tastings and light snacks included $125 USD per person

Begin the day with tlacoyos and atoles as we enter the Jamaica mercado. You never know what you will find in this covered market from meats to mariachi’s, this is the place to pick up wonderful “tchatches” such as doll-sized pinata’s to the traditional “ixtle” shopping bags made from the Maguey plant. From taco stands to flower vendors an explosion of color and aromas helps weave our way to one of Mexixo City’s most loved mercados.

Xochimilco Tour- Sat or Sun

All day tour- 8:30 am – 5 pm  $175 USD per person- minimum 2 people

Heading to the south-eastern corner of the city, a trip which takes you to another time and place of Mexico City. Geographically distant from the center, culturally it has maintained its prehispanic identity. We begin at the market, tasting breakfast tamal strolling through the fabulous food stands. After the market we tour the church of San Bernadino of Siena founded soon after the conquest. Traveling forward in time we arrive at the Museo Dolores Olmedo with the largest collections of Diego Rivera works.