Culinary Adventures in Mexico City and Beyond with Ruth Alegria

Hola and bienvenidos to my new site and to Mexico!
I organize custom designed culinary tours of Mexico City and beyond, from the best known of the city’s colonias to its most overlooked .  
For every season in Mexico there is a celebration whose focus is the cuisine and rituals of that place and time.
Mexico and Mexico City in particular is my favorite culinary destination. I have spent  time exploring and discovering the best it has to offer. My passion for eating well has led me to the best markets, restaurants and food stalls in town. Come join me and learn about the millennial culture that gave the world so much from tomatoes, chocolate, chiles, corn and so much more!
From the International Association of Culinary Professionals
Ruth Alegria comes by her proficiency in Latin cuisines by birth, inclination, training, talent and experience. Born in Panama of Nicaraguan parents but reared and educated in New York City, she opened the first Mexican restaurant in Princeton, N.J., in 1980 and received “two stars” from the New York Times.
Trained in classic French technique as well, the longtime IACP member founded the Princeton Cooking School which has been recognized by Saveur magazine.
As a bilingual chef, she organizes  culinary cultural tours. Ruth is IACP’s country coordinator for Mexico and Convivium leader for Slow Food Condesa/Roma.