Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma the new uber hipster  destination spot in Colonia Roma ( Mexico City ) throbs with a passionate energy. Its debut was marked with celebrity chef sightings, Renee Redzepi of Noma fame and Alice Water of Chez Panisse were there, and its opening formed part  of the closing events for Chef Enrique Olveras Mesamerica Conference.

Chef Jorge Tellez of Azul Antojeria

The Mercado Roma describes itself as a Mercado Gourmet de Vanguardia en Mexico,  a cutting edge Mexican gourmet market, akin to the now famous Eataly .

Its list of stands runs the gamut of the best in Mexican cuisine and gastronomy.

From the Antojeria section that features classics like Chef Ricardo Munoz’s Azul to Chef Jose Ramon Castillo’s award winning chocolate creations at Que BO! all are meant to artfully attract and entice .

                                                                                                                                                 Chef Jose Ramon Castillo Que BO!

Journalist and epicurean by choice
Alejandro Zarate mans the pozole pots at
José Guadalupe, Platos de Cuchara. Local 19 

and you thought there were only a few styles of pozole!

Carlos Yescas at Lactographia
with the most exquisite artisanal hand made cheeses ….. The Chiapas Bola de Ocosingo  creamy heavenly delight!

And from Sal y Dulce Artesanos with Chef Joan Baguer and his partner Mari Teri Ramirez Degollado and their sweet creations for a sweet ending!

For a complete listing of the stalls, restaurants, and organic products that are available go the Mercado Roma website and the 3 D cross section of the building.

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  1. Doug says:

    I will save this away for my upcoming visit.


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