The Best of 2012 Oaxaca

It has been a full year since my last post on my blog –  a year filled with adventurous travel, new friendships made at incredible food events, old friendships renewed over breakfast – lunches – dinners – midmorning snacks – late evening morsels and more travel.
This week I’m featuring Oaxaca the capital of the state of Oaxaca and one of my favorite cuisines.
From the variety of chili salsas sold fresh in plastic bags in the mercados, to a festive table set with the best of the traditional women cooks of the area, to mescals and insects all delicious all spectacular!


Chef Alex Ruiz of Casa Oaxaca and El Saber del Sabor with Mescal Rio Revuelto

While Inés M. Saavedra, editor of El Gourmet Mexico magazine, sips Oaxacan hot chocolate

Chapulines ready for snacking with Oaxacan  mescal

Mole ingredients at the molino ready for grinding



Mescal scented raspado with chile chapulin salt

Mescal tasting at  La Mezcaloteca


Chef Alex Ruiz and staff at Casa Oaxaca



At La Olla cooking class preparing Salsa de Chicatanas



Chef Pilar Cabrera owner of La Olla Cooking School and restaurant


One Comment Add yours

  1. Wojtek says:

    My stay in Oaxaca resulted in eating too much… so delicious and variety. Being a travel blogger has its price, but at least couple of pictures were taken:


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